Curatorial Text: 
Interested in discussing cross-cutting themes, such as the movements of dissident bodies through space and the intimately affecting migratory issue, Bruno is developing an active work that manifests this continuous displacement. For Bruno, who grew up in Muzambinho, a Brazilian city where the chicken population is three times greater than that of humans, the symbolism of the bird is linked to multiple meanings. Throughout his investigation, the artist realized that his sculptural figures only make sense as a flow of relational exchange with those who receive them. His process is also an attempt to establish a lasting connection with his interlocutors and to speculate on the possibilities that emerge from extending a work based on the individual perspectives of those who interpret it.
With the support of: @vivalabporto
Art Residency: DES/ ORIENTE - Porto, Portugal 2023
Curatorial text: Laís França @laismbc / Rachel Merlino @rachel_merlinof
Coverage and documentation: Katana Studio @ktnstudio_  /Aline Brasil @linbrasil

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